Thursday, May 25, 2006


so, firstly a teaser:

TOMORROW, many more PICTURE-TASTIC entries on my first two weeks in Salaga, my family, etc., will be posted! wahooie!! stay-tuned to this Ninja channel!!

secondly, i'm sure some of you are wondering how to contact me. urgently speaking, my parents, whom i have heard from along the grapevine have broken down and contacted Russ (i knew it! you miss me! mwahahahaha!! :P). well....i don't have internet, may soon have a phone (which recieves calls for free and apparently has free international text messaging? awesome!) BUT
[and this is so awesomely old skool!] i do have snail mail.

as follows:
Miss Apoorva Balakrishnan
c/o District Agricultural Development Unit
Ministry of Food and Agriculture
P.O BOX 18, Salaga, East Gonja District
Northern Region, GHANA

and the post box is a mere half a kilometre from my house!
some requests; i have found no newspapers in Salaga and i have no idea really what is going on in the world. if you would like to maybe clip some important newsbits, or tell me things like 'Apoorva, in fact Bush has intervened in Darfur' (i have heard rumours...), or 'St. Norbert has flooded and Kelsey is living in your basement' (i hope not!) or 'CBC did a 40 minute interview of Parker and George with the title "EWB IS AWESOME!!"' etc., i would highly appreciate it!

here is the tantalizing part; i will write you back. this means (if you are a nerd like me, or possibly my brother) you can collect Ghanaian stamps, um...witness my beautiful penmanship, possibly smell the leaves/flattened flowers i will put in the envelope/get postcards. enticing? i hope so!

so get writing. if you want to snap a picture of yourself doing something cool and specific to where you live (pictures of eating icecream at BDI, pictures of downtown toronto, pictures of ethnic diversity or 'canadian' food etc., things i can show my family and friends) that would also be awesome!!!

anyway, back to the 'interesting' hotel we are staying in for the next 4 days (it "day time use".... riiiiiight.) to see if any of the rest of our group (Team MoFarians!) has arrived :)

Mey yo Maacos Hotel to! (i am going to the hotel!)

keep well!


At 7:04 a.m., Anonymous phyto said...

Hey girl
you know you're getting a letter

maybe some handmade paper to trade for stamps and such


At 1:43 p.m., Anonymous Eric-ington said...

I hope you got my address. If not, you'll get a letter with my address on the envelope. It's located on the top left corner of the envelope, across from the stamp. Not the center address, that one is yours. If you send a letter with the center address, the letter will return to you in a week. Although an optimist would tell you that you now get a chance to proofread your letter and second-guess what you've written, it is actually simply a big waste of time (like this comment!), so make sure you get it right.

At 2:16 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man!!! Sounds like you're having a great time!!! I'll send you a letter hehehe. I hope you're getting some nice weather there. It's been raining here for like ever, and I've been working pretty much every day so there is not too much excitement in my life as of yet haha.
Oh yeah, you should probably take molecular genetics of prokaryotes this year because the co-op coordinator told me that prokaryotes and eukaryotes are offered in alternating years, so you can't take them both next year. (I guess take that one instead of one of the conflicting ones???)

At 3:48 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey super kid!
you're so getting a letter.


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