Monday, July 17, 2006

just a brief update;

So, extreme apologies for not posting my blog forever and then suddenly (shazaam!!) posting a billion zillion entries; as you probably already know, I don't have internet access, unless I come to Tamale. Well, this is the first time I've been to Tamale since May and its been extremely busy since we got here!

We just had an intense retreat with all of the MoFA volunteers, some of the new long term volunteers (including Christian, my new boss, who is replacing Robin, who is going home) and they are all doing awesome! We've had a few challenges (work challenges, home challenges, emotional challenges - and then crazy ones - my friend Chloe got attacked by a babboon at Mole National Park and had to take rabies shots!!) but all in all, we're in one piece and enthusiastic about development, life and Ghana.

My time here is winding down and every time I remember that, I get quite sad and a little scared about the amount of work I still have left to do. But in the same vein, I'm quite excited for the upcoming year and all the exciting things waiting for me in Canada (my awesome EWB chapter, obviously my family and my cool brother, great courses at school, my dance company, my friends - boy do I miss you all)!

I might be back to Tamale some time in the beginning of August for an Advocacy Campaign training with some of the members of my district food security network; I'm not sure but I'm going to try. Next week (I'm really excited for this) I'm spending 8 days in the village of Balai, which is in my district and about 1 hour from Salaga. No electricity, no running water (obviously), and just farming yam with my friend Madame Mercy - the best yam farmer in Ghana (she won an award!) and learning more about rural livelihoods.

Other than that, I'm super happy that all you guys are reading this; its very supportive and I am so glad for your comments (sorry I don't reply, time is not plenty..) :)

I hope you are all keeping well!!
lots of good wishes and Tamale pineapple (what a treat!!),


At 8:28 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Apoorva ,

It`s a really nice blog and I can appreciate your narration. Hope you enjoy your outing there and come out stronger and wiser.I talked to my sister (your mom) yesterday and we had a very long chat over the phone - at somebody`s cost.All the same it was enjoyable after 2 full years when we met at Coimbatore last.We all long to meet you, but don`t know as to when it`s going to materialise. Your mom has said she`ll try to route thro` Bombay so that we can at least have a good look at our little niece and nephew too. Hope to have contact with you off and on , when you manage to find time.

Lots of love and goodwishes from

Kalyan mama in Bombay , India.

At 11:36 a.m., Blogger cynram said...

Hello Apoorva,
I found your name by Googling Manhalia School, Tamale, Ghana. You see, I have made a friend online whose mother died of breast cancer 3-4 months ago and whose father is unable to finish paying for his schooling at the Manhalia School. I decided to help him finish his education there by raising $250. Today I am sending him the remainder.

I am, of course, concerned that I am being used for some other source, but he seems genuine, and has sent photos of himself when he was in school.

Perhaps you could give me a general idea of the people of Tamale, Ghana? If they are generally honest and trustworthy, or given to tricks and dishonesty?

I realize you have not been there long, but your time there may have already given you an idea of the general culture.

I wish you much success on your journey and thank you for your time. I can be reached at cynthia dot rambo at gmail dot com.

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